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About Us

About Us

Spectra Baby Store focuses on providing Spectra Baby USA Breast Pumps and accessories to all mothers in North America. 

Having a good breast pump is important for a new mother who is planning to provide breast milk for her baby. Of course, direct breastfeeding is always preferred, but having a RELIABLE breast pump during the times of engorgement, or when stimulation is required to increase milk supply, or just to collect and store milk when your are away from your baby is vital. 

Why purchase breast pumps from Spectra Baby Store?

  • Our Lactation Consultant, can help you with understanding the use of pumps along with duration and frequency needed to pump, and thus help you plan an individualized patient specific plan of care. Please visit Simply Lactation for more information on our services.
  • For our local Houston clients living in Sugar Land, Katy, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, and Stafford areas, we allow for local pick up or even drop off along with pump demonstration. This is a great way to get the delivery of your pump at your door step along with understanding the settings and use of your new breast pump. What a great save on shipping charges!
  • For clients who buy our products, we offer you 10% off our services for the in-home consultant visit.
  • We do provide you with an invoice statement of your pump along with the billing code to help you obtain reimbursement from your insurance company.
  • Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Insurance Companies are now covering Lactation Services and purchases of Breast Pumps.
  • We offer the hospital grade S1 and S2 pumps from Spectra Baby USA brand, which works great for stimulation and increasing milk supply.
  • For our moms returning back to work with an established milk supply, we offer the rechargeable battery operated, easy to carry-portable spectra S9 and M1 pumps.
  • For those who would like to pump rarely, we have the manual hand pump and the portable S9/M1 pumps.

For more baby products check out our Baby Pavilion website to get great deals on different brands of Baby Products